Reception & Bar 0/24

Our friendly staff at the reception are ready to help you day or night with any questions you may have. We also have loads of vouchers: from our in-house services such as breakfast and pub crawls, to city-wide programs such as bath parties and boat rides.

The bar is also located here, where we offer authentic Hungarian “Budapest Beer” on tap for our guests. Fancy a snack? We also have fresh pies, cakes & bagels every day to make sure you get that sugar rush to go out and explore the city all day!

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Common Area

The Common Area is the heart of the GoodMo Community, and it’s a great way to meet fellow travellers & make new friends! We’ve got you covered with large, comfy sofas, a foosball table, and a large TV with a wide variety of channels for those unmissable games.

Brought your own gaming console? Bring it down, and ask our staff at the reception to set it up for you. We promise, you’ll definitely make new friends (or enemies, hahah) faster with an intense all-nighter filled with Fifa, racing, or Mortal Kombat competitions.

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Save money & eat healthier by cooking your own food in the Kitchen of GoodMo! To make that super easy, we offer a fully-furnished kitchen that can be accessed all day and night.

No compromises here:  we have a great toaster (No, really. It’s like the best toaster ever. We can’t really do it justice in writing…), 2 microwaves, 2 ovens, a large shared fridge (make sure to label your food!), cutlery, plates, pans, pots, and everything else that you may need. Just remember: washing up is sexy! 😉

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Dining Room

Get your early breakfast or taste your home-away-from-home-cooked meal in our spacious dining room. It’s nothing fancy (well… it’s just a dining room after all!), but GoodMo is social place, so you’ll always be close to the Community.

We have visitors from all over the world. Learn about different cultures & food while sharing your own with your fellow travellers! It’s a great feeling to introduce something new to a fellow human, and see the excitement in their eyes.

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